About MyCentura Online Patient Portal

MyCenturaHealth’s online portal is built to let you access and manage medical health records at your fingertips. It’s a centralized platform that connects patients with thousands of physicians and other health care providers. This portal is accessible through the web or a mobile application. The app is equally compatible with both Android and iOS.

Centura CEOC designed this portal to provide ultimate relief to patients by allowing them to have all-time access to their clinical reports, progress, and summaries. An EHR, also known as an Electronic Health Record system, has made it possible. Not just this, you can also book appointments with doctors of different categories in time slots of your choice. The portal also allows entering specific details you want to convey to the patient for your next visit.


About the Founders:

D. Banko, the company’s CEO, founded this healthcare service provider, intending to revolutionize the clinical industry through a unique approach to making people’s lives easier. At the same time, Ken Lee serves as the company’s CIO. Currently, MyCentura is functional in 200 hospitals, including Parker Hospital, St. Anthony Hospital, and others around the territory of Colorado and western Kansas. This health network is spread over 33,000 square miles of Colorado, covering its four corners. You can access their services in Wyoming, New Mexico, Denver, and Colorado Springs.

MyCentura’s primary healthcare center Penrose St. Francis Health Services enjoys MD Anderson Cancer Network’s certifications. It’s one of the leading cancer research and prevention setups operating in the USA. MyCentura’s parent companies are also one of the top firms in the healthcare industry, including Catholic Health Initiatives and Advent Health.

From 6,000 physicians to 21,000 healthcare specialists, everyone employed at MyCentura strives to improve your clinical experience. MyCentura is one of the first healthcare portals that functions on iTriage technology. It’s a Denver-based software that offers ultimate convenience to users in booking online appointments. You can also inform the emergency department that you’re on your way to the hospital through this unique system.

About the EHR system:

The patient portal remains active 24/7, so you can access it without time restrictions. Besides an exceptional EHR system, MyCentura is also functioning through the Next Generation Electronic Medical Record that allows doctors to input every detail about a patient’s journey in the hospital from admission to discharge.

You can even use this portal to get your prescriptions refilled from physicians. Even viewing the results of clinical tests is more convenient. You don’t have to visit the clinic to collect them; the portal displays all the reports as soon as the results are out. Let’s briefly explore everything you can perform through this portal. It’s time to eliminate last-minute hassles during your clinical visits through these exceptional features.

  • View medical reports
  • Stay in contact with healthcare providers through secured and end-to-end encrypted messages
  • Schedule and confirm appointments
  • Access summaries of your last clinical visit
  • Pay medical bills and view e-billing statements
  • Keep track of health-related information like weight. It’s accessible through creating an account on MyCentura’s HealthKit account